Marshall Fleet Solutions

Marshall Fleet Solutions

Project Overview

Marshall Fleet Solutions is the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle servicing company with 11 depots nationwide. Venture Lighting Europe’s high performance industrial luminaires have been used to upgrade the lighting at 2 of Marshall’s depots.

Project Delivery

The need for new lighting schemes across their UK sites was given the go ahead, with design and specification provided by GRW, with full project installation. On completion a full review of lighting levels to ensure LUX level in line with design criteria.

Final Results

  • Over 50 of 150W Highbay LED luminaires were used across the two sites to upgrade the company’s lighting scheme from 400W Metal Halide lamps
  • Energy consumption savings forecast at c £7,000pa representing c 76% saving in annual energy costs
  • Significant reduction in carbon footprint
  • Lighting across the two depots has noticeably improved and now provides a bright white light to offer workers a better and clearer working environment.
  • The LED Highbay luminaires installed offer a significantly improved life of up to 50,000 hours eliminating the need for potentially disruptive regular lamp replacement and maintenance.