Guy Salmon Wakefield

Guy Salmon Wakefield

Project Overview
Guy Salmon Range Rover Wakefield site is part of the Sytner Group with 12 car showrooms across the UK. After selective energy audits undertaken by GRW Energy Cost Reduction Team, they were successfully able to reduce the energy costs on all Range Rover’s UK sites using Compliance365’s innovative energy modelling service.

These audits allow GRW to build a picture of the site and model the potential saving going forward in all aspects of the energy saving potential from integrating new technology to full design service from the top down in savings in all sections of their business from LED lighting with replacement to heat recovery units for direct gas replacement enabling cooling and heating throughout the year with conversion rates of 66% savings.

Project Delivery
The Land Rover Team chose to partner with GRW and Compliance365, who carried out a full site survey, which allowed them to model the sites, resulting in a reduction scenario analysis and ROI assessment. This also included an Energy Performance Certificate prior to, and after the works had been completed, showing the energy reduction evaluation site performance:

  • Accurately present findings to the management energy team. From the evaluation, the energy team were able to see the potential return on investment and savings that can be made with the recommendations.
  • Show savings from integrating new technology and design process with associated cost.
  • New site design LED lighting for main offices, workshop, and showroom areas.
  • Voltage optimisation unit at source of supply for 10% added VO saving.
  • Reduction in gas therm usage by implementation of heat pump units for heating and cooling.
  • Movement sensors in all toilet corridor areas.
  • Revaluate all new savings achieved and present to client.
  • Implement smart metering for remote access management evaluation going forward.

Summary of Services Provided:

  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Reduction Scenario Analysis
  • ROI Assessment
  • LED Lighting
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Sensors
  • Heat Pump

Final Results

  • 80% saving lighting consumption per annum
  • 23% saving heating cooling consumption per annum
  • 72% maintenance budget costing saving
  • Lower EPC certificate and green credential for lower carbon emissions
  • Return on Investment payback less than 2 years

Saving Energy, Carbon and Costs:
“The audits and saving that can be made are essential to large commercial retail organisations who have to comply with green credentials referring to compliance to new EU directives on energy cost reduction by 2016. While the investment return calculation was less than 2 years on billing savings, the maintenance cost savings year-on-year was significant, with mean time failure figures in 4-5 years for standard maintenance repair figures”.

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